HDR – St Anthony Hotel

HDRHOTEL HDRCHAIR HDRDOOR2While out and about yesterday, we stopped by this Hotel in St Anthony. The owner was busy working in his garage, and he kindly showed us around, explaining the exterior. The owner has been working on the Hotel for 4 years now, and believes that this project is to be stress free and deadline free. He takes old objects and reclaims them, often using them in unexpected ways! The owner is just as fascinating as the hotel!! Thanks Kenny for your insights!! Because of the uniqueness of the place, and all the aged wood and metal, I thought these photos would look fun in HDR and so I ran them through Photomatix Pro. The first one is a 3 exposure, while the second and third were single photos run through Photomatix. Let me know what you think.


10 thoughts on “HDR – St Anthony Hotel

  1. HDR works well on these, because they are a little surreal anyway. I think you can tell that the first one is a three exposure image – it has more depth.

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