Fun at the Fair

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This weekend the fair came to town. We first watched the rodeo, where my favorite event has to be the mutton busting, where tiny little kids have to stay held on to a sheep for as long as possible – its hilarious! After the rodeo, we headed over to the rides and my husband and I snuggled up on the ferris wheel. It was so much fun. Hope you enjoy these photos. Would love to get your comments and feedback 🙂


6 thoughts on “Fun at the Fair

  1. I really like these Kirsty, the light is unusual – just at that time when the fading natural light and the articial lights of the fairground are competing for attention. It makes for a very engaging set of images.

    • Thank you Mark. Im really pleased with how they turned out, and was pleasantly surprised when I got back home and saw them on the computer!! I love when the two lights meet like this. I would like to do a lot more work focusing on that. Thanks for checking them out!!

  2. These traveling fairs are something out of the past – since the advent of the Six-Flags/Disney mega-super happy fun times have all but squashed this experience for kids. But out West, where there is not a whole lot to do on weekends – these events still pull in the crowds. I’ve been to a few in my travels and you captures some nice images of this one.

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