True Blue

_DSC0135-Edit _DSC0151-Edit _DSC0115-Edit3 PHOTOS TOTAL

Im trying to give my photos an edited magazine feel – very new for me to experiment with design and fonts like this, but im really enjoying it. Would love to know what you think!! Ive also added more photos to my facebook page. check it out and share the love by “Like” ing my page πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “True Blue

  1. For me, I think #2 would work as a profile of the person pictured – if, for example, she was the lead singer in the band “Blue” – Image #3 would be better suited for a line of slacks named “Blue” in an advertising campaign. For #1, I would make the font bolder or increase the point size – the small text and the small image are fighting against the large bit of negative space. These are 100% opinions, which carry no real-world validity!

      • Well im new to this so i really appreciate them. Ive just put some more up. They had a dark background to I was unsure how best to show the type – any suggestions?? Thank you πŸ™‚

      • First and foremost these are great shots – I like the dress color with the model’s hair color. I assume you are doing the type in Photoshop – then just copy the dark text layer and then change the type to white (or a lighter color) and have place under the dark type with a bit of an offset – much like a drop shadow – you can also rasterize and then add noise and other effects – just what I have done, I’m sure there are many other suggestions from folks. Good luck!

      • PS – sometimes a font just won’t work and then you have to change it up – I get this all the time in print, where the designer chooses a small serif font reversing out of a black background – not good. Bodoni said (and I always remember this) “Type is to be read”

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