Cammerron part 2

_DSC0121-2-Edit _DSC0064-Edit _DSC0056-Edit _DSC0049-Edit _DSC0140-2-Edit _DSC0189-2-Edit _DSC0216-2-Edit7 PHOTOS TOTAL

Here are some more photos from my recent photo-shoot with Cammerron. Click here to see my previous post including photos of Cammerron. You can also click here to check out my Facebook page. Cammerron was great to work with. He has a really talent for posing for the camera. He is currently studying Theater at University, so expect to see his face on the screen in the near future!!


2 thoughts on “Cammerron part 2

  1. Especially like 2, 3 & 4 – desaturated and moody. I like the first one too, but not so sure about the window behind him – the wall is good and the foreground objects, but I’m distracted by what’s over his left shoulder. I like the last one as well….it’s engaging because of the smile and the slightly unusual composition.

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