Lunch time walkabout at Borough Market in London

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8 PHOTOS:  This lunch time my Dad came with me on a walk around Borough Market, London. Borough Market is one of the largest and oldest food markets in London. The smells and sights of all the delicious foods was amazing. Theres some really interesting little places tucked away too. Great place to wonder….especially with a camera!


6 thoughts on “Lunch time walkabout at Borough Market in London

    • Thank you Mark. I really do enjoy photography and would LOVE to be able to make money from doing something I love…not sure where to start though. Any ideas??

      • Hi Kirsty, I’ve not made any cash from my work either, so when you find the answer please let me know 😉. You could start by investigating some of the stock photography agencies such as Getty, Alamy, Shutterstock etc. I’m with Alamy, but I’ve not sold anything yet.

  1. I really really really want to visit London. And all those places whose books and radio shows and movies have charmed me since my childhood. I have barely ever left the United States and one thing that totally blows me away about Great Britain & European countries is their buildings. We don’t really build buildings in the US to last forever, and it’s very sad. They’re almost expected to be torn down after 100 years (the houses – the public buildings last longer but of course nothing is that old since America is young). So seeing buildings in Europe totally transports me to another world. You can feel like you’re straight out of a Dickens or Austen novel.

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