Bethany – An English Rose!

_DSC0568-Edit _DSC0537-Edit _DSC0521 _DSC0421 _DSC0374 _DSC0343 _DSC0228 _DSC0193-Edit _DSC0138


This weekend I was really lucky to take some photos of Bethany. She was fantastic and it was fun having some girlie time together. Bethany is a natural beauty with stunning hair and big brown eyes. We went for a classic English looking photo-shoot. In post editing I experimented with Vibrancy levels in Photoshop on some photos, and Split Toning in Lightroom on others. Would love to know which one you like most.

Also check out the photos from the same photo session on my previous post, where the photos have a total different look.


4 thoughts on “Bethany – An English Rose!

  1. Another great set of shots Kirsty. I really like the second shot, I could easily see that as part of an article in Country Life magazine, I like the composition and crop with that shot too. I also like the two full length, wider angle shots of Bethany in the landscape – on the fence and by the church – these have a lovely arty quality to them. Well done you….more please!

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