Past Steps; Oct-17-2012; 2:00pm; Bannack, MT; f/7; 1/10 sec; Tripod; Nikon D5100 – Kirsty Cain

1. Past Steps. Print Size: 24X36.

2. 17th October 2012 – 2:00pm – Bannack Ghost Town, Montana.

3. Nikon D5100, Manual, F/7; 1/10 sec

4. I used Photomatix Pro software to blend three exposures together to create a HDR. I then used tone mapping to change some of the preset settings. In Camera Raw I increased the contrast and saturation and vibrancy.

5. Three exposures were taken, with the camera on a tripod. One being the perfect exposure which I found by using manual mode, then the other two exposures were two stops over exposed and two stops under exposed. I merged the three images together in Photomatix and then made adjustments in Camera Raw to increase contrast, saturation and vibrancy, to make the image more visually pleasing. I chose this photo to print large because I like the contrasting colours of the warm yellows and cool blues. I also really like all the detail revealed and think it is interesting to look at. I am framing the image in a 24″ X 36″ brown wooden thick frame.


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