Portrait Enhancements

After Enhancements; Oct-07-2012; 5:30pm; Rexburg, Idaho; f/5.6; 1/100 sec; Nikon D5100 – Kirsty Cain.


Post Colour Replace (eyes) and portrait enhancements.


Image with colour match and portrait enhancements

Original. Pre Colour Match

This was my first time using Photoshop to make portrait enhancements – it was a lot of fun!!

The first two photos have had portrait enhancements made to them. The first included airbrushing, sharpening the eyes, adding some extra eye makeup and removing blemishes and darkening the hair.

The second photo involved airbrushing and lightening some of the hair and removing blemishes. On this photo I also replaced the colour of the eyes, from blue to green.

The third photo I used adobe Photoshop to colour match. I matched the photo with the colouring from another photo. This make the tones warmer.


One thought on “Portrait Enhancements

  1. Kirsty these are great! Your enhancements are seamless and so professionally done! They don’t seem too overdone and they look beautifully enhanced. I especially loved your color match-it was done so well and I was really impressed because it was hard for me to do that and have it look so natural. I also loved your portrait photos-they were all composed so nicely. Good job!

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