Flexible Edits

Yellow Point, Orchid; Sep-26-2012; 2:00pm; Rexburg, Idaho; f/8; 1/80 sec; Nikon D5100 – Kirsty Cain.

Sunrays; Sep-15-2012; 6:00pm; St. Anthony, Idaho; f/10; 1/250 sec; Nikon D5100 – Kirsty Cain.

For the image of the yellow pointed orchid, I used Flexible Smart Filters, in Photoshop, as they are non-destructive. I first converted the image in to a smart filter and then added the Gaussian Blur filter to blur the background. I then used the free mask to hide the effects of the blur around the point to keep it as the main focus in the photo.

The image of the sunrays originally had a under exposed foreground and so I used Adjustment layers in Photoshop to lighten this. I choose the Screen Blending Mode to lighten the entire image, and then used the mask to reveal the original background. I also added a slight Flexible Vignette Boarder to frame the image.


2 thoughts on “Flexible Edits

  1. Beautiful job on the flexible edits. I love the sunset you captured. You did so well bringing back the light and intensity in the shot with adjustment layers, it adds so much more interest as you follow the water down from that incredible sunset. I wouldn’t necessarily change anything, but it has really inspired me to change my shots. Thank you

  2. Your flora photos are sweet. As I was looking at them I found myself asking, “Where in Rexburg were these taken?” Great job finding original shots The first one of the flower is my favorite though. You took a really interesting angle and had great lighting. On that shot as well though I may have suggested trying an even lower aperture for some more Bokeh, but then you may have lost your nice lighting.

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