Flora & Fauna

Pink Orchid; Sep-26-2012; 2:00pm; Rexburg, Idaho; f/8; 1/60 sec; Nikon D5100 – Kirsty Cain.

Cactus Spike; Sep-26-2012; 2:00pm; Rexburg, Idaho; f/8; 1/60 sec; Nikon D5100 – Kirsty Cain.

Leaf Lines; Sep-26-2012; 2:00pm; Rexburg, Idaho; f/9; 1/25 sec; Nikon D5100 – Kirsty Cain.

Bull; Sep-22-2012; 10:00am; Rigby, Idaho; f/5.6; 1/1600 sec; Nikon D5100 – Kirsty Cain.

I love the varieties of plant life and their individual, intricate details. These examples show plants as being delicate, harsh and strong. The Bull photo was taken this past weekend when he looked at me just long enough for me to catch one snap!





5 thoughts on “Flora & Fauna

  1. Kristy – Your sunset in the edit section is amazing. I really love the colors that you were able to bring out and capture. Great job lightening up the foreground. I really love your close-ups of the plants for the flora and fauna assignment. The orchid is a beautiful view, I love how you got a different angle than what you usually see. The leaf is also great to look at, I love the angle of that as well. You are great at doing different angles! Great job!

  2. I love your photos. I love all the textures in the plants. Was that in the Benson building? The “Leaf Lines” is my favorite; just like you titled it I love the distinct lines going in different directions, and a great way to crop the subject. Your “sunrays” photo is another favorite. It’s my goal to learn how to capture the sunlight that way. The Screen blending mode is a great way to bring in the light in the foreground. I wonder what the cactus picture would look like with a larger aperture. Maybe f/5?

  3. Wow the flower is awesome. That is nice how close you were able to get to it. It looks like a tongue sticking out like it’s alive. Now I think the cactus is a beautiful shade of green and the thorns are stretching out to poke anyone that gets too close. Nature is so pretty isn’t it. I also enjoyed your image of the leaf lines. The closer the better I would say. It helped you to have to imagine what the rest looked like.

  4. I absolutely ADORE the leaf lines! It almost looks like it could be an abstract photo or something. I find that you really excel with shallow depth of field photos. The colors in the sunset too are unbelievable! Man that was like a slice of heaven opened up. Great attention to detail in your work. I love it!

  5. I really enjoy the variety you included in your Flora and Fauna photography post. My favorite was Leaf Lines. I just really liked the more abstract take on it. I really enjoy the Sunrays image edit! It’s so hard when you see a beautiful sunset and landscape and you realize you can’t expose for both in one shot. You did a really good job at not making it look faked, which I appreciate.

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