Blending Mode & Type

Drip, Drip, Drop; Sep-16-2012; 9:00pm; Rexburg, Idaho; f/14; 1/125 sec; Tripod, extension tubes, external light; Nikon D5100 – Kirsty Cain.

Wood; Sep-15-2012; 3:00pm; Rexburg, Idaho; f/16; 1/40 sec; Nikon D5100.
Oranges; Sep-13-2012; 4:00pm; Rexburg, Idaho; f/5.6; 1/60 sec; Nikon D5100 – Kirsty Cain.

Drip, drip drop – For this photo I increased the lightness and saturation of the original image. Then using three type layers I used varying fonts, sizes and weight to include the type. Using a mask on each layer I was able to fade some of the text so not to overlap important focal points. This created a repeat and fade effect of the type.

Wooden Oranges – Using blending modes I darkened the image of the oranges, and added a new layer of the wood texture. Using a mask, I used different opacities, with a soft edge, to hide and reveal the texture. I increased the colouring and saturation for a more dramatic effect.